Chakra Tea Traveler

What a cool way to drink you Chakra Tea or any other hot drink. This 7 Chakra original artwork tea and coffee brewer with filter is not only beautiful but safe and functional. It hold 16 oz of fluid in a BPA and lead free glassware. A great bottle for use during a detox and just for general use to keep chemicals out of your body. Just add boiling water and loose-leaf tea or French ground coffee to the convertible stainless-steel filter basket, and you have the perfect personal decanter. With proper care, your Nalu will give you a lifetime of reusable, eco-friendly use. The included convertible filter basket can be used as a single layer filter for loose leaf tea, sliced fruit infusions, or course ground coffee. Or the full basket can easily be attached to allow you to remove the tea leaves or coffee and achieve the perfect steep, brew, or infusion.

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