Chakras Teas

Soma Tea has created a beautiful hand crafted collection of Chakra Teas to enhance and find balance through your own personal Chakra energy system, by blending all organic teas, roots, herbs, oils and flowers to create balance and enhanced energy flow. These teas can be taking in order from the Root to the Crown Chakra or enjoyed independently when you feel one or more Chakras may be blocked or not in balance.
This all organic beautiful set includes seven individual teas for each chakra, tea filter bags and bamboo spoon, all this is enclosed in this birch tube. Making it a wonderful gift or simply displayed in your home.
Bath Salts are sold out for the Season.

Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping $10.00
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7th Chakra Tea 7th Chakra Bath Salt 6th Chakra Tea 6th Chakra Bath Salt 5th Chakra Tea 5th Chakra Bath Salt 4th Chakra Tea 4th Chakra Bath Salt 3rd Chakra Tea 3rd Chakra Bath Salt 2nd Chakra Tea 2nd Chakra Bath Salt 1st Chakra Tea 1st Chakra Bath Salt
Chakra Tea $95.00
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Chakra Tea Traveler
Chakra Tea Traveler $35.00
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2nd Chakra Tea, Root Chakra Tea. Muladhara Tea
1st Chakra Tea: Root/Muladhara $22.00
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2nd Chakra Tea, Sacrla Chakra Tea, Svadhisthana Tea
2nd Chakra Tea: Sacral/Svadhisthana $22.00
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3rd Chakra Tea, Manipura Chakra Tea, Solar Plexus Chakra Tea
3rd Chakra Tea: Solar Plexus/Manipura $22.00
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4th Chakra Tea, Anahata Chakra Tea, Heart Chakra Tea
4th Chakra Tea: Heart/Anahata $22.00
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5th Chakra tea, Throat Chakra Tea, Vishuddha Chakra Tea
5th Chakra Tea: Throat/Vishuddha $22.00
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6th Chakra Tea, Ajna Chakra Tea, Third Eye Chakra Tea
6th Chakra Tea: Third Eye/Ajna $22.00
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7th Chakra Tea, Crown Chakra Tea, Sahasrara Chakra Tea
7th Chakra Tea: Crown/Sahaswara $22.00
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