My Story

I have always been a giver and healer. It is my inherent nature to help others in anyway that I can, whether it’s with my Girl Scouts, teachings of yoga, or giving my remarkable sister my left kidney. Gifting to others is my life and fills my heart with joyfulness.

A few years ago I was suffering from insomnia (welcome menopause), I began my search for a natural remedy to help me find a holistic approach to sleep. Reflecting back to my ayurvedic studies, it occurred to me that many remedies initially were derived from plants, roots and spices. I took to my Svadhyaya – ‘self-study’ and started to examine how herbs can restore and nurture the body. From this came Soma Tea.

I have had great success in the first half of my journey through life my aspiration is to transition my time for the second journey of my life: making teas, teaching yoga and slowly one cup at a time, fostering peace and tranquility to the world.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story, my passion and my teas.
Linda Barberic

1420 East 31st Street Cleveland Ohio 44114