September 07, 2013

My Journey to SomaTea

I have always been a giver and healer. It is my inherent nature to help others in anyway that I can, whether it’s with my girl scouts, teachings of yoga, or giving my remarkable sister my left kidney.  Gifting to others is my life and fills my heart with joyfulness. 

A few years ago I was suffering from insomnia (welcome menopause), I began my search for a natural remedy to help me find a holistic approach to sleep. Reflecting back to my ayurvedic studies, it occurred to me that many remedies initially were derived from plants, roots and spices. I took to my Svadhyaya – ‘self-study’ and started to examine how herbs can restore and nurture the body. From this came Soma Tea.

Soma Tea is unique blended tisanes, that balance the body, mind and spirit.  The word Soma in itself has a beautiful meaning; it is a term that denotes 'nectar', 'moon', 'heaven', and 'sky'. Soma, literally translates to 'the nectar of the moon'. In the Vedas, Soma refers to those qualities that provide us with peace, bliss and harmony. Thus, Rigveda (the most ancient of any scripture in the world) states in verse 1.91.22 that: “O Soma, You alone create the medicines that heal us. You alone create the water that quenches our thirst. You alone create all moving objects, sense organs and living beings and also give us this life. You have provided expanse to this universe and you alone enlighten the world to eradicate darkness.”    Pretty intense, I love it!

I have had great success in the first half of my journey through life, in advertising, photography and marketing with no regrets, but as I near my 50th birthday my aspiration is to transition my time for the second journey of my life: making teas, teaching yoga and slowly one cup at a time, fostering peace and tranquility to the world.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story, my passion and my teas.


I take honesty, integrity, and my reputation very seriously and live by this goal. To provide fresh, high quality delicious blended tea. To create a unique tea experience for you and your customers by encouraging a positive, healthy energy, fresh, and high-quality tea.  I want to introduce people to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of loose-leaf teas while enlightening them with the variety of teas available. And this is how Soma Tea was born. As my name implies, Soma Tea’s goal is to be ‘ “The nectar from the heavens” and to offer your customers the tea lifestyle and wonderful tastes of tea that they deserve.  This is my personal guarantee to you. I am so confident in the teas that I produce and sell, that if for any reason you find that any tea does not meet your standards, I will refund the purchase, no questions asked. It is that simple. I want you to feel completely confident that every item you buy will surpass your every sip.

Linda Barberic