Soma Tea


Soma Tea is unique blended tisanes, that balance the body, mind and spirit.  The word Soma in itself has a beautiful meaning; it is a term that denotes 'nectar', 'moon', 'heaven', and 'sky'. Soma, literally translates to 'the nectar of the moon'. In the Vedas, Soma refers to those qualities that provide us with peace, bliss and harmony. Thus, Rigveda (the most ancient of any scripture in the world) states in verse 1.91.22 that: “O Soma, You alone create the medicines that heal us. You alone create the water that quenches our thirst. You alone create all moving objects, sense organs and living beings and also give us this life. You have provided expanse to this universe and you alone enlighten the world to eradicate darkness.”    Pretty intense, I love it!

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