Weight Tea

When you feel hungry before you should, steep a cup of SomaTea’s Weight Cleansing Tea before you reach for a snack. As the rite of preparing and drinking a cup of tea busies your hands and mouth, the herbs in this tea will help let your cravings pass. Ginger is valued for its capability to speed metabolism; cinnamon is believed to boost metabolism; and dandelions help slow digestion, letting you feel full longer. This organic, flavorful tea can be a valuable tool on your journey to achieve, or maintain, a healthy weight.

SomaTea blends are created with all organic ingredients.

Weight: acai berry, astragalus, celery seed, cinnamon chips, dandelion root ground, dandelion root roasted, eleuthero, feverfew, flax seed, ginseng, green tea, holy basil, licorice root, neem, oatstraw, orange peel, oregon grape, raspberry leaf, green rooibos, red rooibos, rose hips, senna.

Each tin offers approximately 35 servings. Refill your favorite tea with our 70 serving small refill bag or our 140 serving large refill bag.

Disclaimer: Our ingredients are all organic but have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Collections: Cleanse Collection

Type: Cleanse

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