Chakras, Honey, Spice Rubs, Bath Soaks & Oil

Soma Tea has created a beautiful hand crafted collection of Chakra Teas and Chakra Bath Soaks to enhance and find balance through your own personal Chakra energy system, by blending all organic teas, roots, herbs, oils and flowers to create balance and enhanced energy flow. These teas and salts can be taking in order from the Root to the Crown Chakra or enjoyed independently when you feel one or more Chakras may be blocked or not in balance

Chakra healing brings the energy body into balance for greater mental, emotional and physical health.

Soma Tea has expanded our fantastic all organic teas, spices and herbs into spice rubs for your favorite marinates for meats, fish & vegetables.  

 Soma Tea has HONEY!  Right from our Soma Tea hive.  Sorry we sold out till the spring. 

Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil $29.00
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